How To Make A Grand Piano Template…

If the make and model of your grand piano appears in our listing, we have all the necessary templates and measurements necessary to manufacture a cover for you. Simply place your order.

If the make and model of your grand piano doesn’t appear in our listings however, we will need the following in order to price up, list and manufacture a cover to spec for you:

1. A template of the entire piano lid

2. A template of the keyboard profile (L-shape at the side)

3. The ‘skirt’ measurement – from the piano lid down to where the body ends
Piano Template Instructions

To make a template simply cover the area and cut around it to shape.

Not got paper to make a template? Live in the UK? We’ll send you some!

Grand Piano Template Paper Pack Request (UK Only)

Once made please mark the templates with the ‘skirt’ measurement, your name, telephone number, email address and the make and model of the piano and post it all to:

Units 1G-3G
Carr Mills Business Center
919 Bradford Road
West Yorkshire
WF17 9JX

We will go through the templates, price up a cover, list it and email the link through ready for purchase.

Any problems feel free to contact us.